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Some useful links for 8/27

You may have already seen Go Big Always – 10 Fantastic ways to f*ck it up as an example of communications practices to avoid. Or maybe you missed it. Read this.

Were you paying attention when Chris Brogan gave 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media?

Do you promote your blog to offline audiences? Maybe you should?

More as I dig out from a week away.

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This site now brought to you by…

Ads on this blog? What’s that about? You’ll notice an add on the left column, from Apple. No, Apple hasn’t started sponsoring small blogs like me. This is a campaign from Social Vibe, supporting the Stand Up 2 Cancer initiative.

As I posted on the Social Media Club site, SU2C is an effort to get some much-needed attention on the problem of Cancer, and get some money in the hands of researchers trying new things to solve difficult problems.

SocialVibe is donating $1 for each blogger that signs up to their service via the special url, as well as turning points for showing these ads on Facebook and other social networking sites into real dollars for the SU2C cause. They’re hoping to raise $50,000 by doing this.  So, you’ll see this ad on my site, and on my Facebook page. And, hey, SocialVibe even referred to my Social Media Club post on their page. So, I’m returning the link and asking you to get involved too. If you have a blog – run an ad for a few weeks, and get that $50k to the Cancer Research labs via Stand Up To Cancer. Oh, and you can donate directly as well.

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My Latest Article: All you need is love…

Start Up

“Making love to customers is not a campaign, but a lifestyle,” says Saul in his talk. What does he mean? “Making love to your customers is not something that you can do for a certain amount of time–it is a company commitment. You can’t run this like an ad campaign–customers will sense when it is over and leave you. Over-exceeding expectations means treating your customers better than any other company relationship your customer has ever had.” This is something the Nordstrom executive or a manager at the Four Seasons would smile knowingly and nod at.

Saul’s company,, where he’s Chief of Magic, spends time, effort, people, and resources on creating relationships with customers. The central assumption in these relationships is that Freshbooks employees love their customers–even if the customers have something bad to say. Saul considers this a great opportunity to turn a detractor into someone who realizes how much Freshbooks loves him or her.

Read the rest over at Inc.

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Can Social Media Go Local?

My latest article at’s Start Up Blog:
Social media marketing campaigns are often intended to reach large audiences. Marketing pros usually talk about Facebook, YouTube and online groups as tools for reaching broad swaths of potential customers. But for a business I recently came across, the desired result was to reach a small group of urban professionals in New York and get them interested in renting some apartments (read the rest)

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A different perspective on Social Media Marketing

Joe Marchese of Media Post writes up a panel we were on last week at MWM. I enjoyed meeting him and getting his perspective, as well as that of Doug Atkins at, and David Birnbaum, CEO of

Online Spin » Blog Archive » A Different Perspective On Social Media Marketing

Last week I was invited by Dr. Augustine Fou, senior vice president/digital strategist, MRM Worldwide, to speak to a great group at MRM in an inter-agency meeting focusing on understanding social media’s implications for the agency business.

Some good discussion over there in the comments, too.