What is Coaching?

Former NYU Faculty member and Results Coaching founder David Rock describes coaching quite succinctly: “Facilitating Positive Change.”That is a wonderful definition with which to start. Coaching supports an individual on a journey that helps them recreate their world by finding their vision – that clear desire they have to change something important in their life – and working to achive that vision. Through strong goal setting and regular sessions, clients move from where they are to where they want to go.

“Howard’s coaching was instrumental in helping me launch my first business. Howard not only helped me build the box, but consistently challenged me to look outside it. Howard’s gift as a coach is his incredible ability to combine empathy and generosity with solid business know-how. He will listen, encourage, strategize, and above all, smile with you as you make it!”
-J. Bieber

What Coaching is not

I’m not a therapist. I’m not going to ask you about what your mother did when you were young, or bring up lots of stuff from your past. Therapy can be a very valuable experience, and is more appropriate than coaching for circumstances including trauma, grief, and mental illness.

I’m not a sports coach. I’m not going to make you climb walls, tread water, or do laps till you pass out. However, if you want to improve your commitment to yourself and your physical or mental well being, I will be in your corner to root you on to personal victory.

“I have always firmly believed that I can resolve my own problems, and I am a consummate skeptic of any sort of therapy… However, I was very confused about the direction my career was headed and needed some input. A friend recommended Howard, and I am so happy I listened…Thanks to Howard’s personalized approach, I felt very comfortable discussing my professional life and goals. Today, my career is in good shape and my thinking is clear. And now I also know that career coaches don’t bite!” – Ghazi Kazmi

What is Coaching going to feel like for you?

Imagine that you’ve got someone supporting you 100%. Someone who can motivate you, challenge you and inspire you to find your goals. Someone dedicated to working with you to achieve those goals. Someone who sees you not as you are, but as your future self – your potential. If this sounds like a powerful and supportive experience…it is.

One of my clients told me:

“[the] act of narrowing down ideas into highly compressed phrases was valuable …you help me turn my feelings into thoughts, my thoughts into actions…you help me find new solutions for old problems

Sounds Great. How do I start?

Contact me at and we’ll set up a time to talk, no obligation.

What’s my Background?

In summer 2003 I joined New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, where I was in charge of non-credit adult continuing education in Management, Leadership, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and several other disciplines.

I oversaw the faculty and the project to create a Certificate in Coaching at NYU SCPS, and I was involved in the design of the curriculum. I hired most of the faculty and have set up the structures to make it quite a success. And I was also one of the first students in the program. It looked good enough to take six months needed to finish it (though as the director I can’t get the certificate).

I completed the NYU Certificate in Personal and Life Coaching coursework and the intensive coach training with Results Coaching Systems, which has a partnership with NYU’s Corporate Learning Services. I subscribe to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.

I’ve coached, mentored, and counseled people throughout my life, from college, thorough work for non-profits and my work with families affected by 9-11. This training has solidified for me a structured way to help others help themselves and it is an amazing and gratifying thing to see happen.

My formal education was at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell, followed by a Masters at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

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