BikeMSNYC2013 success!


I wanted to report back on both my BikeMS ride and my fundraising efforts – and the report is an unqualified success.


Riding to support Cancer Survivors

I’m going to be doing a few rides this year, and this is the first. Will you support me in my effort to raise money to help cancer survivors?

My sister-in-law was just diagnosed, and my mother-in-law and cousin are both survivors. So this ride is for them. If you have a survivor in your life, would you donate $1 per year for their age? If not, send what you can or go big with a $100. Thanks for your support.

Click Here to Donate

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Joining Nokia’s SXSW Cause Marketing Experiment

As part of Nokia’s efforts this year at SXSW to raise awareness of the over 4 million acres of land burned in Texas wildfires last year, they’ve started a contest to generate some excitement and re-plant some of those trees.

I’ve been asked to participate as a blogger/twitterer in this friendly contest, called #IJustPlantedATree @SXSW 2012. For this participation, they’ve given me one of their slick Nokia Lumia 800s to use.*  From the site:

So, during our time at the Interactive portion of SXSW, we invited 50 of our favorite Twitter friends to help us out in our mission. They will take part in a 48 hour online Twitter challenge using the hashtag #ijustplantedatree. Each time they tweet with that hashtag, 5 trees will be planted locally by our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation. To make sure we keep up the pace, an online leaderboard has been established, and will start to keep track of who is planting the most trees.

There is a sub-contest where the tweeter who plants the most trees gets one of the shiny new Nokia Lumia 900 phones. Great if I win, but I’m not concerned about winning. If you re-tweet me, you’ll also be helping plant trees (not helping me win).

So if you see Tweets regarding “ijustplantedatree” you’ll know what I’m up to.

*Disclosure – it is my option to keep or return the phone – I have not decided yet what I will do. I will update this later.
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Why You should Follow Drew Carey on Twitter

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If you haven’t seen Drew Olanoff and Drew Carey on CNN, – watch it now.

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If you don’t have time to watch, here’s the short version:

  • Go to Twitter.
  • Follow DrewFromTV – Drew Carey of The Price Is Right, Whose Line is it Anyway, The Drew Carey Show, etc.
  • Drew Carey will donate $1 because you followed him. Ultimately he’s promised LiveStrong Foundation up to 1 Million Dollars – $1 for each Twitter Follower.

Just follow the guy, help reach a $1 Million donation. More info at . If you don’t even have a Twitter account, this is a reason to get one.

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Congratulations to Stand Up To Cancer!

I am thrilled that my team, Team Corbin, won the Charity Smackdown supporting Stand Up To Cancer with a fund raising total of 8985. (Actually more according to the email I got this morning!) Add in $5k extra and we’ve funded some serious cancer research.

CHARITY SMACKDOWN:: Celebrities Compete, Charities Win

Congratulations to the Smackdown Teams! Our big winner is Team Corbin! PayPal will donate an additional $5,000 to Stand Up To Cancer. Watch this space for more exciting Charity Smackdown action!

I am truly grateful to all my Facebook and Twitter friends, blog readers and everyone who pitched in an passed along the messages we sent out about Team Corbin and Stand Up to Cancer. I know I asked people for money, and bothered them with messages over the 10 days of the project. But as I wrote in my Charity Smackdown Update, and my Why I Stand Up To Cancer – Abby articles, I take the fight against Cancer personally and I hope you do too.