This site now brought to you by…

Ads on this blog? What’s that about? You’ll notice an add on the left column, from Apple. No, Apple hasn’t started sponsoring small blogs like me. This is a campaign from Social Vibe, supporting the Stand Up 2 Cancer initiative.

As I posted on the Social Media Club site, SU2C is an effort to get some much-needed attention on the problem of Cancer, and get some money in the hands of researchers trying new things to solve difficult problems.

SocialVibe is donating $1 for each blogger that signs up to their service via the special url, as well as turning points for showing these ads on Facebook and other social networking sites into real dollars for the SU2C cause. They’re hoping to raise $50,000 by doing this.  So, you’ll see this ad on my site, and on my Facebook page. And, hey, SocialVibe even referred to my Social Media Club post on their page. So, I’m returning the link and asking you to get involved too. If you have a blog – run an ad for a few weeks, and get that $50k to the Cancer Research labs via Stand Up To Cancer. Oh, and you can donate directly as well.