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Some coverage of me from Blog World Expo

I truly enjoyed my trip to Blog World. There was value in the panels of course, but huge value in networking with others in the industry, getting their perspectives, and creating new relationships. We can read each other’s blogs, or follow each other on twitter, but meeting in person really makes a difference.

I was interviewed by Scott Parent of MediaTrust’s Relevantly Speaking program about my views on building online community. This interview was in High def, so it may look funny on this blog page.

From Jennifer Kushell of Your Success Network, comes a fun article and video from Huffington post called
What People Were Packing at BlogWorld Expo ’09 (Technology, You Dirty Buggers!) all about the different tech we blogger types include in our packing for a show.

Then there were the hard core journalists and bloggers like Howard Greenstein from , and Don Lemon, social media savoir from CNN who, god bless him, spent an exhausting day working the expo to promote a big breakthrough Twitter campaign called #beatcancer, which is a new model for charities to leverage social media to raise money. (Click here to learn more.)

Admittedly, I’m not as “hard core” as CNN anchor Don Lemon, but I think I did ok so far as tech was concerned.

Hope you enjoy these videos.

(*Disclosure, I was a guest of the show’s agency, Porter Novelli, for whom I consult, but I paid my own airfare and expenses for the week. I was also covering this for my Startup Toolkit column).


Charity Smackdown 09 – My disclosure and disclaimer

Starting tonight at 11 Eastern, I’m happily joining the Charity Smackdown ’09, (background: ) competing against many of my Social Media Friends, who have joined teams led by celebrities from my own Stand Up To Cancer team’s Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame) to Alec Baldiwn, musicians Linkin Park, NBC’s Heroes Hayden Panettiere and Brea Grant. The event runs from March 16 to the 26th, with all teams trying to raise as much money as possible for their causes.

Disclaimer: The event is called a “SmackDown” because there will be “Trash Talk,” defined by the Urban Dictionary as: “In the course of a competitive situation putting down your opponent verbally or saying how good you think you are. Often involving talk of moms or sisters” ie: “Your momma’s computer is so slow, she can’t even use Facebook.”

I have no intent to personally insult or harm anyone, make them feel bad or send them crying home. This is all in good fun. And we’ll all watch the “Your momma” references. My mom reads the blog. Enough said.

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Howard Greenstein on Blogtalk Radio with Doc Searls

I hadn’t posted this previously, but this is an interview by John Havens of Doc and me at the 10th anniversary of the ClueTrain book in New York.

We discuss the Clue Train 10 years later, and how much of what was predicted actually came true.

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Podcamp Philly – my Sessions on Twitter and Old and New Media

I am really enjoying Podcamp Philly this year. Besides getting a chance to reconnect with Whitney Hoffman of LD Podcast, Mark and Jennifer from the culinary media network, Chris Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast, Mark Blevis, Matthew Ebel, (and a host of others that are now mad at me for not calling them out directly.)

In my session on “Twitter: Are we all just drinking the Kool Aid?” we explored the strawman notion that Twitter, even with about 2MM users, is only an early adopter tool that isn’t really worth the time people and brands are investing in it. Through discussion (with a very Twitter-heavy crowd) we helped several non-twitter users discover the potential value they’d find using Twitter. We heard stories of people finding answers, getting brand feedback, and we even had 2 people who had courted, and gotten engaged over Twitter.

In my discussion on “What Old Media can teach New Media” (which I usually run with Dean Landsman like we did at Social Media Camp NY), I had a great question and insight – As we discussed how one media tends not to replace the next one, but to cause it to change (as TV did to radio), someone asked about Enterprise 2.0. He noted that he’s trying to get people to adopt some of the new Enterprise 2.0 tech, but that they’re not replacing, say, Email, as the way people share information. We discussed how companies like Lotus added SameTime and MS has enterprise IM because of this. We discussed a few ways about how to get people to understand this “one doesn’t replace the other” situation and how to introduce things slowly and get adoption.

Finally, from Twitter: @KaraLaFleur: @howardgr talking about how web teams are the unrecognized rockstsrs if ad firms – & how that needs to change based on how pol use media.

Yes, we discussed how, if you’re going to talk Social Media with Advertisers, you have to know how they buy traditional media, because you may be teaching them a new paradigm (“ROI=Return on Influence vs. Reach and Frequency buy, for example). Speak to them in their language, and help them understand.

The event was well run, and the crowd was good as well. Thanks, Philly.

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My NYU Course this fall: Using Social Networks and New Media Technologies in Your Nonprofit

If you know someone who’d benefit from learning about Social Networks and other forms of New Media in a Not-For-Profit context, I’ll be teaching a class at NYU SCPS this fall on the subject. At $400 for 4 sessions, it is an excellent value (IMHO) and a great way to get an overview and some practical advice on using blogs, social networks, and other forms of media to recruit and retain volunteers and for fundraising, outreach, and publicity. Please pass it on.

Course Details | New York University – SCPS

Using Social Networks and New Media Technologies in Your Nonprofit
X39.9211 / Continuing Education / $400
FALL 2008

Donors, volunteers and staff are using technologies, from Facebook to Weblogs, to connect, communicate, learn and inform. What are these new social media tools, and how can your organization use them most effectively? How can you leverage social networks to build community, photo and video sharing to promote your cause, or blogging to keep your constituents informed? The course gives practical examples, and features guests including Tom Watson, author of the forthcoming Causewired and co-founder of Changing Our World.