Social Media Productivity Boosters

A very, very comprehensive list of tools and techniques for boosting  your social media productivity. So comprehensive, in fact, that I’m blogging this mostly so I can read some of the links at a later time. There are just too many – it would, ironically, make me unproductive to try to follow all this advice […]

Podcamp Philly – my Sessions on Twitter and Old and New Media

I am really enjoying Podcamp Philly this year. Besides getting a chance to reconnect with Whitney Hoffman of LD Podcast, Mark and Jennifer from the culinary media network, Chris Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast, Mark Blevis, Matthew Ebel, (and a host of others that are now mad at me for not calling them out […]

Ten Reasons Why Twitter Rocks

Tech Analyst Robin Bloor gave up Twitter with a dismissive comment about a month ago. He’s back, and now he’s a fan. Ten Reasons Why Twitter Rocks | HaveMacWillBlog (aka Robin Bloor’s Blog) Since then I have found other reasons why Twitter is not just a good idea, but imho destined to grow much larger […]