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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the cleverest Twitterer of them all?

OLD SAYING GAME: Who Was The Cleverest Twitterer of 2008? Howard Greenstein (@howardgr) Wins Old Saying Game

Who is “The Cleverest Twitterer”? Turns out, it’s Howard Greenstein (@howardgr). Howard was recently named the 2008 winner of the Old Saying Game.
Part Balderdash, part New Yorker Caption Contest, the Old Saying Game
sets out to answer the simple question: Who is “The Cleverest

Update – there’s even a T-Shirt!

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You pay HOW MUCH for text messaging?

I always suspected text message pricing was a ripoff. But this scientist proved it.

Space scientist says texting is four times more expensive than receiving scientific data from space

The maximum size for a text message is 160 characters, which takes 140 bytes because there are only 7 bits per character in the text messaging system, and we assume the average price for a text message is 5p. There are 1,048,576 bytes in a megabyte, so that’s 1 million/140 = 7490 text messages to transmit one megabyte. At 5p each, that’s £374.49 per MB – or about 4.4 times more expensive than the ‘most pessimistic’ estimate for Hubble Space Telescope transmission costs.”

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What is Twitter? (via

I just started playing with Bitstrips. Very cool new site. Created this comic in about 5 minutes. Let me know if you like it.

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My big endorsement deal with Union Square Ventures

Seems I’m endorsing Union Square Ventures on Facebook**. Tip of the hat to Michael Pinto, who was served this wonderful ad.

Fred, Brad, call me. Let’s do lunch. Who knows how big this can get… 🙂

(**Of course I knew this could happen when I became a “fan.” That’s why I’m only fans of products I can endorse. And, I’d endorse Union Square.)

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Not all Dark Chocolate good for you…drat!

Found this article on the Cardiophile’s blog, after checking him or her out. He or she subscribed to my Twitter feed, so I figured I’d check his profile. Interesting use of twitter – teaching people how to be heart-healthy in 140 characters at a time. I applaud it!

All ‘dark’ chocolate not good for heart

As flavinoids taste bitter, some companies remove the flavinoids from dark chocolate to make them taste better. All that remains is fat and sugar and there is no health benefit whatsoever.

Oh well, I guess I should probably throw out all those Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses I bought for Pam…no, on second thought, that might be bad for the rest of my health and well being.