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  • Not all Dark Chocolate good for you…drat!

    Found this article on the Cardiophile’s blog, after checking him or her out. He or she subscribed to my Twitter feed, so I figured I’d check his profile. Interesting use of twitter – teaching people how to be heart-healthy in 140 characters at a time. I applaud it! All ‘dark’ chocolate not good for heart…

  • Mmmm…Chocolate, uh wait, it’s Cacao!



    Have you ever eaten a Cacao bean? How about one covered with delicious chocolate? If not, you haven’t joined the SweetRiot. I met Sweetriot founder and “Chief Rioter” Sarah Endline last night. She gave me my first taste, and now I’m hooked. Eating the raw Cacao tastes a little like eating a chocolate espresso – sweet…