Mmmm…Chocolate, uh wait, it’s Cacao!



Have you ever eaten a Cacao bean? How about one covered with delicious chocolate?

If not, you haven’t joined the SweetRiot. I met Sweetriot founder and “Chief Rioter” Sarah Endline last night. She gave me my first taste, and now I’m hooked.

Eating the raw Cacao tastes a little like eating a chocolate espresso – sweet at the start, bitter and gritty at the end, but a very pleasant experience that literally made me say “Mmmm” without conscious thought. Having tasted the raw goods, which, by the way, contain all the good stuff the health folks are associating with dark chocolate, I then got to taste the bits of bean, or “nibs,”  covered in chocolate.

There are 3 kinds – 50, which is a sweeter chocolate cover, 65 which is more like classic dark chocolate and 70,which has dark chocolate and some espresso bean flavor mixed in for taste. (Disclosure – I got to take home samples. And you can’t have any.)

This stuff rocks. Seriously. And it could be healthy? (Even if it is not, I’m going to make myself believe it is.)

Like many natural products, it is not cheap, but it is worth it. Go to a retailer or their site and get yourself something that you’ll wonder how you lived without.