World Access 7

My old friend, (that is to say, my long time friend who is not old,) Janice Caillet, has started a member inspired community website called World Access 7.

The community is based on a coaching and leadership focus to help people achieve their goals. They’re creating events, calls, and resources to help people with goal setting and achieving, and linking people together to build solutions.

 Janice asked me to tell everyone I know this next part – and I am doing so because I know this is worth a try-out. I have listened to a few of their calls with top authors and speakers and they have been quite inspiring to me.

Listed below are a few of their upcoming events with World Class speakers (thanks in part to the Washington Speakers Bureau and top publishing firms).  Go here to view the entire WorldAccess7 calendar, obtain information on membership or event registration:

Feel free to pass this code (SJCHGr26) to whomever you choose, as they are eager to get as much feedback as possible.  Everyone can use it three times.  Also if you want to join, you can use this code again and get 50% off your first years’ membership.  If you become a member before May 1st they will also waive their activation fee ($249).

Good luck with your new business, Janice!