Doc is Mad as Hell, and He’s not going to take it anymore

Wow, Doc Searls is fired up about the potential Google phone, based on the Business Week story. Bweek talks about targeted ads popping up on your mobile as you go through the world, but based on your preferences and actual behaviors. Doc’s take: He wants to tell advertisers what he wants, not be made into […]

When does introducing simplicity or constraint in design improve experience

From iPhone to sites like Fotolog (where you can only post one picture a day), constraint of design drives the user experience, and can also create popularity. Adam at Fotolog (and Scott) described how the constraint (or simplicity) of Just One Foto keeps the editorial imperative high, and it keeps the community different from Flickr […]

Why the iPhone is important

I didn’t wait on line for 100 hours for an iPhone. I’m not getting one yet. I’ve been burned too many times by first generation hardware to want to plunk $600 down and take a plan from a carrier that has crappy reception in my house. But the iPhone is important in the same way […]