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Some useful links for 8/27

You may have already seen Go Big Always – 10 Fantastic ways to f*ck it up as an example of communications practices to avoid. Or maybe you missed it. Read this.

Were you paying attention when Chris Brogan gave 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media?

Do you promote your blog to offline audiences? Maybe you should?

More as I dig out from a week away.

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My latest post at Inc.Com – on Smart Blogging Strategies

Start Up

After a recent post about the value of blogging, I got a few requests to go deeper into strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of blogging. I’ve thought about effective blogging for a long time, so I have quite a bit to say on the topic—too much for a single blog post. So consider this part one of a multi-part series on the topic.

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A different perspective on Social Media Marketing

Joe Marchese of Media Post writes up a panel we were on last week at MWM. I enjoyed meeting him and getting his perspective, as well as that of Doug Atkins at, and David Birnbaum, CEO of

Online Spin » Blog Archive » A Different Perspective On Social Media Marketing

Last week I was invited by Dr. Augustine Fou, senior vice president/digital strategist, MRM Worldwide, to speak to a great group at MRM in an inter-agency meeting focusing on understanding social media’s implications for the agency business.

Some good discussion over there in the comments, too.

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Now blogging at INC. Magazine

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be blogging over at INC. Magazine’s Startup Blog on a regular basis (more than monthly, but not daily). My first post, on Building Success via Blogging, is already up, and describes the success of a Westchester-based architect whose site and blog gets him clients who feel they know him and his work before he even has to pitch them.

If you have ideas on companies or tech I should cover that will benefit startup businesses, please get in touch.