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LiveBlogging NYMIEG Breakfast – Wireless, Wimax and future of communications

Breakfast – Wireless and Wifi and The future of communications

Sree starts the panel with nice overview

Laura – research on wifi use- Cities and public spaces and homes are rapidly being overlaid with a wireless ‘blanket’ of wifi, rfid, Bluetooth, etc. Ubiquity- anytime, anywhere as a tag line. “Freedom is the purpose.” Research indicates that Location and context is most important, not ‘freedom”.
Wifi is a factor in attracting people to go to places – like Bryant Park or Starbucks. Searching for info relevant to their geographic location is a major activity. Mobile entrepreneurs who need to get out of their homes, and spend up to 12 hours a day at wifi locations. Starbucks, Bryant Park, NYPub Libe, and indie cafes.
Skews male (65%), higher income, early adopters. Locations have constituencies. Splash pages that are intro to wireless points are very important places to adv, pass on info.

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What I’m reading this weekend

If you’re interested in Social Media, here’s the must reads from Friday on the web.

1. Geoff Livingston, Co-Author of Now is Gone (on my reading list) holds forth on “Vapor Gurus,” people who put forth theories and ideas with nothing to back them up:

More than ever vapor gurus stress the need to deliver cases studies and real world examples to back opinions up. Chip’s column sparked great discussion, but there were no examples of everyday companies who have had great successes using his suggestions. His suggestions may be correct or demonstrate that there is no black or white truths (just shades of gray), but where are the proof points?

I look forward to meeting Geoff when he comes to NY for his book signing, hopefully with my friend and his co-author Brian Solis.

Next, I’m reading what Chris Brogan is saying in this great piece,
Marketing is NOT Social Media-Social Media is NOT Marketing:

Marketing is a discipline with lots of emphasis on channel thinking, on campaigns, on message shaping, on control and covering all the bases.

Social media is a set of tools that permit regular people access to potential audiences of shared interest. These tools give voice, give preference, give rise to individuality, give flexibility, collaborative opportunity, and a whole lot of other things that don’t resemble traditional marketing the same way gym class felt absolutely nothing like social studies.

I’m not going to give away the punchline, and much of the value of this is in the discussion in the comments. Thanks for the weekend reading, gents.

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Social Media Club named to top 100

I’m proud to have contributed to the Social Media Club blog this year and  Virtual Hosting Blog has picked it as one of the Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking Blogs for 2007.

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Facebook making people angry

In case you were too busy preparing Turkey last week, I’ll give a basic review of the issue. Facebook’s Beacon program (already questioned as a possible “Privacy Nightmare” by GigaOm) lets users share their own data about what they like and dislike with other facebook users. An example might be Fandango or other movie service letting everyone know I bought tickets to “Enchanted” this weekend. I did, take the kids, it was adorable. But that’s not the point. I’m sharing this because I choose to. A bunch of people are finding out that stuff they didn’t realize was being shared, is.
Jason Calacanis clearly summarizes The wonderful horrible life of Facebook users and their data (or, “data hogs get slaughtered”) noting the 3 major things making some customers of Facebook feel, well, icky:

Facebook has done three things that are at once extremely innovative, extremely rude, extremely helpful, and extremely disconcerting:

1. They are collecting and republishing user data on a level not before seen by users.

2. They are allowing advertisers to use this data to reach these users.

3. They are not giving this information–information that has put their value at $15 billion–back to their users.

Doc Searls summarizes one possible set of responses in these two articles.

Time To Write Our Own Rules And Making Rules, II where he notes:
What we need instead is to make tools that work for us, and not just for them. We need to invent tools that give each of us independence from vendor control, and better ways of telling vendors what we want, when we want it, and how we want to relate — on our terms and not just on theirs.

For my clients and friends trying to understand the current bru-ha-ha going on, the above articles are must-reads.

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A new blogging gig – Social Media Conferences

I’ve got a new blogging gig. I’ll be updating information about the latest conferences in the Social Media field, as well as aggregating news and reviews from these conferences and the world of Social Media in general.
You can find the latest info at the Social Media – News Hub and I hope you’ll visit and give it a try.
Coming soon, a classified board. All you folks always asking if I know someone who could do a particular job – this is the place to post – but this part is not yet up and operational….

Your feedback is also welcome as to how I can improve this. And finally, if you’re not sure how to get your conference listed, get in touch with me – howardgr at the gmail email service.