Still opposing SOPA and PIPA

We’re not going “Dark” here to protest SOPA. Instead, I’m leaving this post on the front of the site to give you links to some important places where you can take action. Please do take action, specifically, go to and send a note to your Senator or Congressman. A truly great summary of the SOPA issue […]

Product Review: Nokia Astound on T-Mobile

I received a Nokia Asound on loan that I’ve used on and off over the last few weeks, in order to bring my friends a review. The phone runs on the T-Mobile network in the US, and this was the first time I’ve tried T-Mobile in a very long time. Nokia provided a pre-paid SIM […]

What Quiet Dignity Looks Like

I’ve been watching as the media is interviewing people who lost relatives on 9-11 and asking what Bin Laden’s death meant to them. This is a post about the people I know personally, and my take on how they’ve reacted. I’ve been privileged to work with the families who lost rescue workers on 9-11 since a […]