Charity Smackdown 09 – My disclosure and disclaimer

Starting tonight at 11 Eastern, I’m happily joining the Charity Smackdown ’09, (background: ) competing against many of my Social Media Friends, who have joined teams led by celebrities from my own Stand Up To Cancer team’s Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame) to Alec Baldiwn, musicians Linkin Park, NBC’s Heroes Hayden Panettiere and Brea Grant. The event runs from March 16 to the 26th, with all teams trying to raise as much money as possible for their causes.

Disclaimer: The event is called a “SmackDown” because there will be “Trash Talk,” defined by the Urban Dictionary as: “In the course of a competitive situation putting down your opponent verbally or saying how good you think you are. Often involving talk of moms or sisters” ie: “Your momma’s computer is so slow, she can’t even use Facebook.”

I have no intent to personally insult or harm anyone, make them feel bad or send them crying home. This is all in good fun. And we’ll all watch the “Your momma” references. My mom reads the blog. Enough said.

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Limiting what IMAP folders show in Apple Mail from Gmail

This has been driving me slightly crazy – too much mail and too many mail folders trying to synchronize when I connect to Gmail from Apple Mail. Finally found the solution via the Apple support boards:

Apple – Support – Discussions – Gmail IMAP on Leopard :Activate the Advanced IMAP controls in Google Labs and then don’t have “All Mail” downloaded to your computer (via Labels under Settings). You’ll have the different folders at least, but maybe this will help?

So, what you need to do is go to Gmail, under settings, go to the Google Labs tab and activate “Advanced IMAP Controls.” Then, still in Gmail, go to your settings, go to Labels, and then turn off some of the folders for IMAP. Things got a bit speedier.

It would really be nice to be able to limit how much mail comes down, or to block anything I’ve ‘archived’ from showing, but I’ll take this for now.

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Social Media Productivity Boosters

A very, very comprehensive list of tools and techniques for boosting  your social media productivity. So comprehensive, in fact, that I’m blogging this mostly so I can read some of the links at a later time. There are just too many – it would, ironically, make me unproductive to try to follow all this advice at once. .

How To Boost Your Social Media Productivity – A Guide For Busy People

In this post, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of articles with great advice, tips and tools to help you be more productive and efficient when using social media. We also have some posts that offer up general online productivity insights.

And, don’t forget to read the comments on the post – a few people have given their own suggestions. 


A post for the Metro North Bloggers

David Parmet has set up Metro North Bloggers as a group blog for all of us commuter types who live up in Metro North territory. As Suffern is the place where the NJ Transit line turns over and becomes Metro North as the train heads north and west into New York State, I guess I qualify.

Suffern is a very cool place and it is getting cooler, with the proposed and hopefully real Music and Arts Festival coming this fall. Hopefully I’ll get Parmet and some of the crowd from the other side of the Hudson to visit for the festival.