Congratulations to Stand Up To Cancer!

I am thrilled that my team, Team Corbin, won the Charity Smackdown supporting Stand Up To Cancer with a fund raising total of 8985. (Actually more according to the email I got this morning!) Add in $5k extra and we’ve funded some serious cancer research.

CHARITY SMACKDOWN:: Celebrities Compete, Charities Win

Congratulations to the Smackdown Teams! Our big winner is Team Corbin! PayPal will donate an additional $5,000 to Stand Up To Cancer. Watch this space for more exciting Charity Smackdown action!

I am truly grateful to all my Facebook and Twitter friends, blog readers and everyone who pitched in an passed along the messages we sent out about Team Corbin and Stand Up to Cancer. I know I asked people for money, and bothered them with messages over the 10 days of the project. But as I wrote in my Charity Smackdown Update, and my Why I Stand Up To Cancer – Abby articles, I take the fight against Cancer personally and I hope you do too.


Charity Smackdown Update – And more about why I Stand Up To Cancer

An update from the CharitySmackdown 2009.
CHARITY SMACKDOWN:: Celebrities Compete, Charities Win

Update:: PayPal will donate an additional $5,000 to the winning team!

So, it is even more important that you take a few minutes, go to the Call to Action page, and Donate. 

Again, why do I Stand Up to Cancer? In May 1992, my step-mother Carol had a lump on the side of her face. They thought it was some sort of ‘nerve bundle’ problem. I will never forget the moment the surgeon told us it was some sort of cancer he had never seen before, hugely aggressive. The specimen was sent to NIH or some other famous place to be analyzed.  By September, Carol was dead. Cancer was a terrible killer. 


Why I Stand Up to Cancer – Abby – Charity Smackdown

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on Team Corbin, supporting Stand Up To Cancer in the Charity Smackdown 09. (You can donate on the widget on the right >>>)

Over on the Stand Up To Cancer blog, they tell great stories of people who are inspiring. One of my stories and reasons for Standing Up To Cancer is about my cousin, Abby. At age 12, when many of her friends were more interested in boys, haircuts and bat mitzvahs, Abby had some symptoms that no one could figure out.

She took it upon herself to go online and do her own research, and her conclusion was unfortunately correct: she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. And if you quote her the Larry David quote about “the good kind” she’ll look at you with fierce anger, then tell you there is no good kind of Hodgkins.

Abby went through hell, lost her hair, was sick all the time from chemo and radiation, and basically lost a year of her childhood. All while managing to complete school work and come back the next year as President of her class.

I look at her now, a grown woman, at an Ivy League school, working for a prominent government office as an intern and probably in line for a serious job there, and I marvel at how she has continued her life.

But I also know she and her family always have be on the look out for the Big C.

So, as part of this Smackdown, I Stand Up for Abby, and I’ve made a donation today to Stand Up To Cancer, in hopes that my amount will make a difference for the girls like Abby in the future.

Click and donate, please. The Dropdown menu lets you donate more than $5, by the way.

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Charity Smackdown 09 – Call to Action!

THANKS. In advance. Thank you for reading this, and thanks for helping me and Team Corbin, but most important, thanks for reading this for Team Stand Up To Cancer in the Charity Smackdown 09.

I’ve been asked to participate in Charity Smackdown 09 – a cause marketing event contest between teams lead by Celebrities with Social Media ‘notables’ on each team. Each of the Smackdown Teams has from March 16th at 11pm EST to March 26th to raise as much money as possible for the causes.
My cause, as it has been since last year, is Stand Up To Cancer. Cancer has touched my life in terrible ways through family and neighbors over the past few years, and this is my way to give back. (More stories as the week goes on).
My team is “Team Corbin” led by musician (and High School Musical star) Corbin Bleu, and including Natali Del Conte (@NataliDelConte), Tech Reporter for CNET and CBS’ the Early Show, and Jared Eng of celeb blog (@jaredEng). My team is up against some stiff competition, from celeb power like Alec Baldwin and 2 of the stars of Heroes, and also from some top social media celebs like Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, WalMart’s 11 Moms, MCHammer and Chris Brogan.
Will You lend me your friends and your network to help promote this cause?

*****Call To Action******

Please help me to at least place respectfully in this competition by taking one or more of the following actions: