Charity Smackdown 09 – Call to Action!

THANKS. In advance. Thank you for reading this, and thanks for helping me and Team Corbin, but most important, thanks for reading this for Team Stand Up To Cancer in the Charity Smackdown 09.

I’ve been asked to participate in Charity Smackdown 09 – a cause marketing event contest between teams lead by Celebrities with Social Media ‘notables’ on each team. Each of the Smackdown Teams has from March 16th at 11pm EST to March 26th to raise as much money as possible for the causes.
My cause, as it has been since last year, is Stand Up To Cancer. Cancer has touched my life in terrible ways through family and neighbors over the past few years, and this is my way to give back. (More stories as the week goes on).
My team is “Team Corbin” led by musician (and High School Musical star) Corbin Bleu, and including Natali Del Conte (@NataliDelConte), Tech Reporter for CNET and CBS’ the Early Show, and Jared Eng of celeb blog (@jaredEng). My team is up against some stiff competition, from celeb power like Alec Baldwin and 2 of the stars of Heroes, and also from some top social media celebs like Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, WalMart’s 11 Moms, MCHammer and Chris Brogan.
Will You lend me your friends and your network to help promote this cause?

*****Call To Action******

Please help me to at least place respectfully in this competition by taking one or more of the following actions:

1.    Look for the donation widget below and Please link to it.(A simple way to do this is to copy the Web Address of this page, and make it a link via your Facebook Status message – see below). (UPDATE:)



2.    Make your own post in support of my team and link to or embed our donation widget.
3.    Donate. If you can spare the $5-10 you’d usually spend on Starbucks for the week or something, that’s great. It all helps. If I could get 100 friends to send $5 or $10 I’d be absolutely ecstatic. If Cancer has touched your life, consider doubling what you’re giving.
4.    Add my team’s donation Widget to your blog,  MySpace, or webpage. There’s going to be a separate thing for Facebook.
5.    I’ll be Tweeting about #Smack09 – please follow me and my teammates on twitter (@howargr) and ReTweet my posts – or “like” them on FriendFeed. The hashtag is #smack09. Also, follow @smack_talk on Twitter.
6.    Change your social network status or IM status to “Support Team Corbin and help @HowardGr to Stand Up To Cancer” #smack09 please RT”
7.    Send an email to friends: “Hi, my friend/colleague/this guy I know Howard Greenstein is part of an online event to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer. Please see URL for more details and to support his cause, donate at URL.”
8.    Suggest something that I should do here that I haven’t thought of yet. Comments are open.
Anything you do (even donating to one of the other causes) is helpful to this event, and to me. This event goes for 9 days –  if I’m bugging you let me know, or just delete the mail.
Finally, this event is called a “smackdown” because some of the fun is talking smack to the other teams. It is all in good fun, and no one (including me) should take offense.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for helping me and for helping my team in this cause.


2 responses to “Charity Smackdown 09 – Call to Action!”

  1. Our team is going to kick some butt!! You rock Howard!

  2. Thanks Tara!