Month: October 2006

  • I’m on YouTube

    You can find me on You Tube for a talk I did on using Social Media to tell better stories, for a not-for-profit type workshop. The link is: I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I’m not thrilled with the angle of filming (the person was on the floor, I was standing). Of course,…

  • Bitpim for Mac Rocks!!!

    Ok, I lost my cell phone. If you’re trying to reach me, I may not have your number. But I may! Thanks to BitPim for mac. Bitpim is an excellent little application that allows you to do useful things like backing up your phone, without paying Verizon for one of their services. A post here…

  • Ross Rubin, I salute you



    Fun with Ross, my old Cornell buddy, who takes “Who’s on First” to a new level with the HP controversy. A small sample:  Lou: Ah, then maybe you can help sort it all out for me. Now, the person who used to be HP’s chairman, what’s her name? Bud: Dunn. Lou: What do you mean,…

  • Speaking at the Association for Women in Communications, Westchester

    I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at the Association for Women in Communications, Westchester Chapter. The event is on Wednesday, November 15th, and the description says: Do you have a fear of new forms of media? Are blogs, social networks, podcasts, RSS feeds, MySpace and YouTube part of an alien world to you?…

  • Guess where I won’t be shopping?



    My cousin David found this store on his visit to Prague. In case you don’t know what it means, here’s a list of Yiddish phrases.