A Chat and A Song

I’ve got a podcast. I’ve been keeping it pretty much on the quiet side, but now I want my friends to check it out.
It is at and it features, usually, a little chat from me about what’s going on in the world or in my life, and then a song I want to share. Usually runs about 10 minutes -15 minutes. Check it out!


To everything there is a season…

And now it’s fall. October. The leaves are turning. And they’re playing baseball in Queens. Hell yeah! Let’s go METS!


Read a VC’s mind…

Jeff Stewart makes it much easier to read a VC’s mind – through their blogs. Jeff posts on 103 Venture Captial blogs.
Just when I thought I was caught up on my reading.

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From Social Media to Corporate Media

Chris has launched the site for the workshop “From Social Media to Corporate Media.” You can hear great speakers like Robert Scoble and Lisa Stone – and get an ‘unconference’ experience. Plus, a party! All for $150.

I hope to be there to join in the fun.


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Premium Blend

Thanks to Sanford for a nice birthday present. He got me a subscription to the Premium version of the Roadhouse Podcast.  What’s premium? No commercials for one thing, and a higher bitrate file, which means better sound quality for the “finest blues you’ve never heard.” And it supports Tony Steidler-Dennison in his podcasting efforts. Tony is not only generous, in that he has helped many podcasters, including me, with setup tips and tricks, but he is also a professional’s professional in sound and show creation.

When people ask me for an example of a really great podcast, I ask if they like the Blues, (and if they are intelligent and good looking, of course they say yes) then I point them to the Roadhouse.  Big thumbs up and highly recommended.