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Social Media Club – 4 Missions and 4 Projects

As an Interium Advisory Group member for Social Media Club, I’ve chosen to work on the Media Literacy Project as described below.

4 Missions, 4 Projects: Social Media Club Gets to Work | Social Media Club

Media Literacy

Michael Brito is leading an effort to find and organize all the best Introduction to Social Media presentations, classes, discussions, cartoons, videos, blog posts etc… There are a lot of ‘here is what you need to know about social media‘ lists out there as well – where are they, which ones are the best. If you have some materials to submit, or if you run across some good material, can you please join this project by submitting your introduction to Social Media materials on the Social Media Club wiki.

I think this is a critical issue for children as well as customers of any company. We say “don’t believe everything you see online.” But how do we evaluate different content, research sources, and teach people how to be discriminating. Not only am I going to be involved in this effort at Social Media Club, but I’ve proposed this topic as a panel at the South By SouthWest Interactive Festival in Austin in 2009 (SXSW). If you support this idea, please consider voting for my panel. You’ll have to create a free account.

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My NYU Course this fall: Using Social Networks and New Media Technologies in Your Nonprofit

If you know someone who’d benefit from learning about Social Networks and other forms of New Media in a Not-For-Profit context, I’ll be teaching a class at NYU SCPS this fall on the subject. At $400 for 4 sessions, it is an excellent value (IMHO) and a great way to get an overview and some practical advice on using blogs, social networks, and other forms of media to recruit and retain volunteers and for fundraising, outreach, and publicity. Please pass it on.

Course Details | New York University – SCPS

Using Social Networks and New Media Technologies in Your Nonprofit
X39.9211 / Continuing Education / $400
FALL 2008

Donors, volunteers and staff are using technologies, from Facebook to Weblogs, to connect, communicate, learn and inform. What are these new social media tools, and how can your organization use them most effectively? How can you leverage social networks to build community, photo and video sharing to promote your cause, or blogging to keep your constituents informed? The course gives practical examples, and features guests including Tom Watson, author of the forthcoming Causewired and co-founder of Changing Our World.

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Slides from Social Media Camp NYC

Dean Landsman and I spoke at SocialMediaCampNYC yesterday, 8/7/08 to a packed house (according to David Berkowitz), on the subject of “What Old Media can teach New Media.”
Several folks asked for our slides, so here they are, via
What Old Media can teach New Media: Media Convergence & Integration, Social Media, and Professionalism
Update: Chris Abraham provides a picture, and some Qik Video from the presentation as well.


UPDATE: Nice wrapup of Social Media Camp by Mogulette in the making Carmina Perez.