Blog Action Day – Talk about the Environment

While the Network News programs this morning did little more than pimp their own shows (CBS , ABC, I’m talking to you), people on blogs all around the world are making news with Blog Action Day. (Thanks to the never-sleeping Chris Brogan for letting me know via Twitter).

Today, 15,861 (as of this writing) blogs are participating, not counting this one.
Everyone is writing something about the environment, and trying to get some attention for the issues around it. There will also be donations to causes from Greenpeace to the Sierra Club. More about it on the Blog Action Day Blog. They’re claiming a reach of about 12 million people today. That’s better than the network news programs combined.

So, for my writing – just this. We took a simple action a few months ago, and replaced all our fixed lighting bulbs with Compact Fluorescent bulbs. And, our bill went down several dollars over the last few months. Is it the bulbs, or are we more conscious of not having the lights on? Who cares? We’re saving money and using less electricity. So that’s good for the environment and for our wallets. The one thing we couldn’t find is CF bulbs that go into dimmers. For some reason, Home Depot, Costco, Walmart, none of the big stores near us carry bulbs that work in dimmers. Our house was wired for dimmers in several rooms by the former owner, and that also can save electricity, but we couldn’t find those bulbs. Well, thanks to Google, today I found and I’ve got to figure out how big the bulbs are, and which ones are the substitutes, then we can buy some dimmable ones and save even more money.

So, that’s your environmental tip for the day. Try CFL bulbs.

And it’s also your Social Media tip for the day. If you want some attention, get a bunch of bloggers involved. I’m interested to see how this plays out in the main stream media.