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Weblogger Dinner in NYC

I really enjoyed last night’s Weblogger dinner in NYC.

Scoble, attempting to look like a member of the tribe with his white yarmulke, surrounded by Mary Jo Foley and Renee Blogget:


Bill Seitz was there:


Tristan Louis and Britt Blasser discuss the world:


Dean holds court: Elias Landsman, Anil Dash, Dean Landsman, Julian (no last name, sorry) and Alex Jacobson.


The Evangelist meets the former Evanglist:

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Dean Said

Dean said my blog was blank for a while. Now it’s not. So there.

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Getting Scobleized…

Robert Scoble is holding a blogger dinner in NYC tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends.

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There’s Electricity in the Air, and on the Web

Jason Chervokas is writing a novel on the web. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with Jason, and reading his material. I’ve read the first few chapters, and I’m hooked. Hey, Jason – I want more.

Random Thoughts

Freeware? Shareware? Open Source Development and the Economic Distribution Model

Dean Landsman has a new blog, and his current entry discusses Moveable Type’s new distribution.

Freeware? Shareware? Open Source Development and the Economic Distribution Model Over at Doc Searls’ IT Garage, in a piece called Applying Freedom, Doc began a conversation about “Freedom Zero.” Mark Pilgrim had originated the Freedom Zero discussion on his blog. An abundance of passionate discussion was prompted by Six Apart’s decision to introduce a pricing matrix for Movable Type. Prior to this matrix, MT had been freely distributed to the majority of its users. The discussion can be broadened to Open Source as a model for both development and pricing….