Month: June 2004

  • Press “1” for an unacceptable answer

    I’m trying to renew my passport for travel within the next 14 days. The website says I have to make an appointment. After listening to all messages in English AND Spanish, I’m allowed to schedule an appointment. Except there are no appointment times available. I get “Press ‘1’ to search for a morning appointment. There…

  • Crime and Punishment

    According to the paper, AOL Tech Support Engineer Jason Smathers sold about 93 million addresses of AOL customers to a spammer. For this crime he’ll get up to 5 years in prison, and pay up to $250,000. But I was always told the punishment should fit the crime. I believe, like the school teachers of…

  • Titanic, the mini-movie

    Ok, fun thought for the day: Titanic, the movie. In 30 Seconds. Performed by cartoon bunnies. Ready? Go.

  • Draft Bruce

    The only time I’m usually in favor of the Draft is when it’s coming off a tap at the bar, but this is different: Draft Bruce is Andrew Rasiej’s effort to get The Boss to play a concert on 9/1/04 opposing the reelection of the President. Go for it, Andrew.

  • Call Me Ishmael…

    Madonna chooses “Esther” as her new name…..Great. That’s what we need, another “material girl” in the tribe.