Weblogger Dinner in NYC

I really enjoyed last night’s Weblogger dinner in NYC.

Scoble, attempting to look like a member of the tribe with his white yarmulke, surrounded by Mary Jo Foley and Renee Blogget:


Bill Seitz was there:


Tristan Louis and Britt Blasser discuss the world:


Dean holds court: Elias Landsman, Anil Dash, Dean Landsman, Julian (no last name, sorry) and Alex Jacobson.


The Evangelist meets the former Evanglist:


One response to “Weblogger Dinner in NYC”

  1. My son's name is Elias (he and a friend were the two "geeks to the rescue" who created my temporary blog with all the bells and whistles in just a few hours).

    Left to right: Elias Landsman, Anil Dash, me, Julian (no last name, sorry) and Alex Jacobson.

    A fine time was had by all!