Tasty Toronto

This past Tuesday, I attended a Blogger event for a “Taste of Toronto” put on by Chef Mark Tafoya and Jennifer Iannolo – The folks behind the Culinary Media Network. I arrived and quickly met the folks from Porter Airlines Taste of Toronto Event 5-4-10 who would soon become my benefactors – but more on that later.

I was served some sort of amazing lamb chop that just melted in my mouth. Then I saw chef Mark,who let me know about a Mixology demo about to start.Taste of Toronto Event 5-4-10

Entering the mixology room, I saw Jennifer, and she introduced me to the mixologist Rob Dvorchik from  from AME Restaurant, who whipped up asian-inspired cocktails. I had a sip of the ginger-based gin concoction, really great.
Taste of Toronto Event 5-4-10

Then it was back to the main room, where I spoke with the lovely woman from the Intercontinental Toronto Centre. Seems they’ll be giving loaning guests iPads with which to navigate the Toronto streets and learn about the local sites. This four-star hotel is right in downtown next to the Metro Toronto convention center. I’ve been inside before but never stayed there. That won’t be a problem, though because…

As I quickly chatted with some of the other Toronto attraction folks, the Porter Airlines people told me about a contest they were running. I had to add a photo of myself with their mascot, Mr. Porter, to their Porter Airlines Facebook Fan page.

I did so, then had my friends “like” the photo on Facebook. The person with the most likes won. And that, my friends, was me.

So, blogger disclosure time, I’ve won a trip to Toronto on Porter Airlines, and I’ll be staying 2 nights at the Intercontinental. I’m quite excited about this, and so is the wife! (Nice mother’s day gift, at the last minute too!)

Congratulations to Mark and Jen for putting on a great event. I enjoyed my taste of Toronto, and I can’t wait to visit the real thing again soon for a full bite of the city!

Taste of Toronto Event 5-4-10

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My Latest Inc Post – Bringing a Company Back from the Brink?

Today I wrote about Wendy Tan White of Moonfruit, and how she helped bring her company back from the brink of disaster when investors pulled out earlier in the decade.

I met White at the Social Media Clubhouse, where I stayed at SXSW. Moonfruit sponsored one of the summit events at the house.  (Note: As I disclosed in the Inc. piece, I received no specific compensation from Wendy or MoonFruit, and SMC is a filed-for non-profit.)

Her story is really inspiring, as she had to take steps as radical as firing family members to keep the company solvent. I hope you enjoy the story.

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SMC Clubhouse brings Social Media Club people together

Social Media Clubhouse SXSW It’s been quite incredible living in the Social Media Clubhouse. Not quite unlike living in the “Real World” house or on a movie set. There are many interesting folks, always events going on and cameras to look at (or avoid.)

Our SMC Clubhouse bus is quite the hit downtown taking people to the house in the daytime, and to the parties at night.

As a resident and beneficiary I’d like to thank all our sponsors and everyone who has visited to be part of our panels or part of the greater Social Media Club discussion.

The real value to having the house was as a gathering place for those who work on or support Social Media Club. I’ve met great people from SMC chapters all over the country and some from Europe, and am proud of the enthusiasm and creativity from each of them. We enabled them to share their ideas, network and engage with each other in person, and they can then take their conversations online as our new site goes live. If you are from one of the SMC chapters, write in the comments and tell us what you got out of our SXSW experiment.

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Thrilled to Participate in the Social Media Clubhouse at SXSW

I’m excited to be part of Social Media Club‘s Social Media Clubhouse #3, in Austin this week and next, for SouthBy Southwest Interactive and Music. Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells, and the SMC team have been working really hard to get the house sponsored, set up, and ready for the rest of us to arrive, and I give them a huge amount of credit for planning it.

As a board member of Social Media Club, and of the original team behind the group, we always envisioned being able to bring together professionals form important discussions. This is part of what we are chartered to do – “2. Share lessons among practitioners.” At the Social Media Clubhouse, we’ll have summits on Co-Working, Engagement, and the Synaptic Web.

I hope you’ll follow us via our #smch3 hashtag, our Twitter list (forthcoming) and our site. And, if you’ll be Austin, please get in touch – I’d love to meet or catch up with you.

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