This is Broken: Verizon Phone Repair

You can’t call Verizon wired phone repair to tell them your phone is broken unless you’re calling from a Verizon number. My AT&T cell and Skype Out both tell me the number on the Verizon repair site, (area code) 890-6611 does not exist.

I noticed this way back last year when I had a phone issue, and it hasn’t changed. Perhaps I need to complain to the Public Service Commission?

UPDATE: Well, the phone call wasn’t necessary. They dispached from the website, in 24 hours, and found that, low and behold, the problem was they hadn’t buried the cable well. A neighbor with a mower or edge trimmer clipped the line. They’ll be sending someone out to bury the wire a bit deeper, sometime this week.

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BBC Scares everyone in the world off Facebook

The BBC has been able set up a malicious application that can steal details of not only your information but the people you’re connected with. This is because in Facebook, applications have permission to ‘walk the tree’ of your friend contact details, letting the apps do things like populate the list of people for you to forward to, when you choose to “forward this and see what happens.”

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Identity ‘at risk’ on Facebook

We have discovered a way to steal the personal details of you and all your Facebook friends without you knowing.

The article is worth reading. Wow, good job British hax0rz! I won’t say “the sky is falling” because this has been pretty well-known among the geek-o-rati for a long time. BBC notes MySpace apps run on MySpace’s servers, giving MySpace a much clearer idea of what an application is doing with the data.

Perhaps the media attention this is sure to draw will move FB to a more secure model. One can hope.

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If Supermarkets were Web 2.0 compliant

Excellent video, which might not be funny if you’re not part of the ‘in crowd’ for Web 2.0, but which appeals to my sense of humor. – Supermarket 2.0

(I tried to embed it but it is too wide….)

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I really enjoyed visiting Philly on Phriday of last week for BlogPhiladelphia.

I posted pictures at Flickr

Also shared my slides from my “Introduction to Social Media” talk:

Great seeing everyone. Thanks, Annie and team for a great job!


Useful PDF tool

I needed a way to combine a bunch of Adobe PDF files together into one document, on my Mac.
I found PDFMergeX, by Malcom Mac Software. It is an easy utility. Just add PDFs to the list, push the button, and voila, a new PDF file with all the pages in the order you wanted them. Thanks Malcom.

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