Understanding the Blockchain Marketing Landscape

Most people in the marketing, technology or social media worlds have seen the Marketing Technology Landscape graphic. This super-large graphic shows over 5000 players in the marketing tech landscape. 

Jeremy Epstein, former Sprinklr executive and current Never Stop Marketing president, has built a version of this graphic for the blockchain marketing world. The BlockChain Marketing Landscape is an eye-opener, even with fewer than a hundred or so companies on it. It shows the initial, growing stages of a future marketplace, and the potential for a transformation in the way marketing technology works in the future. 

Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape
Click to see the full version at Never Stop Marketing

I believe Jeremy is onto an important trend here, and this Venture Beat piece seems to agree.  I’ll be watching as this chart grows and looking for interesting companies who can help me and my efforts to communicate more effectively with supporters, advocates, and others in the nonprofit world. 

If you’re brand new to the concept of how blockchain can help marketers, Never Stop Marketing’s CMO Primer for the Age of Blockchains (which includes forewords by the CMOs of Nasdaq and Dun & Bradstreet) highlights how multiple functions of marketing including loyalty, customer experience, and brand may be impacted. 

You can also listen to this interview about PR and the Blockchain with Phil Gomes and Shel Holtz on For Immediate Release from 2015, and this more recent one from September, 2017 about marketing permanence