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The Elevator Pitch In Action – My latest article on Inc.

As you know, I write weekly on This is an article I wrote on the INC. Start Up Blog on the Elevator Pitch in Action :

Last week I wrote about the Elevator Pitch, Reloaded. Today at the Expo, I got a hallway elevator pitch that hit many of the important points in that article. The person didn’t know I was a blogger for Inc., or that I wrote the article. She just gave a passionate pitch that really hit all the points for me, so I thought it’d be worthwhile to show you an example of someone doing it right.

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2 replies on “The Elevator Pitch In Action – My latest article on Inc.”

Thanks for the link Howard. I’m always looking for tips on elevator pitches. It’s one of those skills that I really think is important in order to take advantge of all the resources at big conferences.

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