Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

howardgr: Someone give me a reason to pay more attention to…: Someone give me a reason to pay more att.. # somehow, a pounce message from 10 months ago where I said “someone give me a reason to pay attention to pownce” just posted. heh. # @pchaney thanks for the ebook link # @amandamooney […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29

@jowyang Yes, how to measure the value of relationships. but most brands/advertisers don’t do relationships well, so measuring wrong thing # I’m a bit stressed, so my pagination is disabled. Talk with you tomorrow. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

NYSIA Legal Forum and Special Interest Group – Live Blogging Notes

NYSIA Legal Forum Summary – Live Blogging Guest: Mark Grossman – Attorney and “TechLaw” Columnist The industry should be embarrased – contracts are horrible, not so much one-sided as incompetently drawn, fail to address basic questions. VERY often, the contract delivered is not the deal the parties wanted to do. Most business litigation is honest […]

Internet Week NY events coming up

June 3-10 is Internet Week NY. There are a bunch of upcoming events, including one I’m running with NYSIA on June 9th– a cocktail event with open bar at Chase World HQ. Also keeping my attention: Yao, David and the Hatchery team are putting on a “Hatch Match” event in conjunction with Pace University SCI2 […]