Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

watching the Jabbo and Crabbo show # @loiclemeur wow, sorry to hear, make sure you’re ok – whiplash/back stuff can take a day to come out. Take it easy! # going for an exercise bike ride before sitting at the desk all day. See you in a little while. # @chrisbrogan – left you […]

Marvel Comics pisses off core audience

Who is the core audience of “Iron Man” the movie? Geeks. Computer hugging, email sending, twittering geeks. Geeks with big Mac Book Pros who have money to spend. And the pied piper of the Web 2.0 geeks, Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, had invited geeks to a special pre-screening of the movie. And Mike got the […]

Twitter – Loving and hating it at the same time

Today I asked Peter Shankman to send out a query on his “Help a Reporter Out” list. I’m writing a piece for the NY Enterprise Business Report on small to mid-sized businesses using Facebook, LinkedIn and other social services (such as Twitter). What are they using these services for? Branding, marketing, recruiting, promoting? What else? […]