Video Panel at Supernova Today

I’m looking forward to moderating the panel at Supernova on Video, tools, business models, and the shift in how we see and even participate with our entertainment.
will have a live feed at 1pm Pacific time.

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Hey, Consume This! The Future of Online Advertising

Here I am at the “Future of Onlilne Advertising” conference, and here we are, 12 or 13 years after the first banner ads were placed. We’re up to at least Web 2.0, according to everyone around. It is my contention that in Web 2.0, companies would discover that talking to, and with, their customers would start to happen.

And yet, the guys on the stage continue to insist on calling the people who visit their sites, buy their products and pay their bills “CONSUMERS.” I’ll even call out the Yahoo guy for naming his presentation “Consumer 2.0.” And I’ll keep calling him Yahoo Guy as long as he calls me consumer.

Hey, buddy, you’re in New York, CONSUME THIS.  I’m a buyer, a customer, a user, a dad, a husband, a tech enthusiast, a major ingredient in Soylent Green, and an 18-54 white male making a $X a year. (I’ll let you know X when I figure it out, ok, but last year it was pretty ok.) You want me to buy stuff and use stuff, and you REALLY want me to recommend your stuff to others, because before anyone I know buys electronics, technology, software, cameras, uses a web site or buys a phone, they call me. I’m an influencer.

Web 2.0, as many have noted, is about People. Then Yahoo guy had a slide saying “Find your best consumers, listen to them, have conversations with them.” Cows are consumers. They eat grass and make milk, and then we consume them for beef or leather or whatever. You don’t have conversations with consumers, unless “moo” is in your vocabulary.

Yahoo did a contest for ‘make your own video’ for Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. They got 10k contributions from “consumers” who consumed more copies of the video and consumed more copies of the music by purchasing (or licensing) it.

Listen, Yahoo guy, good message. Yes, let us make media, and respond to campaigns. But call us who we are, not consumers. You’re Ron Belanger. You’re not a cookie ID or a consumer. You’re in a position to teach people how to speak to “Consumer 2.0.” Start buy calling them Customers. If you have to, call them Customer 2.0. Or Bob. Bob works.

Note, I got sensitized to the word Consumer via Jerry Michalski at He’s be talking about this for years. One post, (scroll down the page to “Advertising is War” from 3/10/03, tells the story well.)
In advertising, the best targets are “captive” audiences: people hemmed in by checkout lines, high-rise office building elevators (note the name of the company that puts displays in elevators) or airplane and taxi seats, who these days have to view individual video monitors that are difficult to turn off…. Notice that consumer marketing is like artillery or bombing, not hand-to-hand combat…. In mass marketing, cultural distance gives the “shooters” emotional distance from their targets.

More gems there. Go read it.

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Useful PDF tool

I needed a way to combine a bunch of Adobe PDF files together into one document, on my Mac.
I found PDFMergeX, by Malcom Mac Software. It is an easy utility. Just add PDFs to the list, push the button, and voila, a new PDF file with all the pages in the order you wanted them. Thanks Malcom.

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Donna Bogatin’s Virtual Moving Day

Good bye ZDNet, hellow Insider Chatter. Donna Bogatin, long time Internet Industry veteran and, for the past year, ZDNet blogger, has launched Insider Chatter. We’ll see the same intelligence in covering marketing and media trends, but under her own banner. Subscribed.

Donna is promising coverage from the Future Of Online Advertising conference tomorrow. See you there, Donna.

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Chris Brogan finds his inner Superhero

My friend and Podcamp instigator Chris Brogan nails the culture of the business today in this insightful bit about freeing your inner superhero. On the balance of being you versus being that person inside a company, he says:

The point here is simple: YOU have control of your own personal brand,
and it’s up to you to represent YOURSELF just as much as you represent
your organization. There’s a balance here, and doing it well means that
you are recognized as a human all the while serving your employer, but
the benefits to figuring that balance out are well worth the balancing

and also:
Give your sweat and your brain to the people paying you, and reward
their kindness and their support with a full effort. NEVER in here do I
mention cheating your employer or being in any way disingenuous with
their resources or time.

These two quotes, for me, sum up Chris and the rest of the piece is a must-read.

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