Chris Brogan finds his inner Superhero

My friend and Podcamp instigator Chris Brogan nails the culture of the business today in this insightful bit about freeing your inner superhero. On the balance of being you versus being that person inside a company, he says:

The point here is simple: YOU have control of your own personal brand,
and it’s up to you to represent YOURSELF just as much as you represent
your organization. There’s a balance here, and doing it well means that
you are recognized as a human all the while serving your employer, but
the benefits to figuring that balance out are well worth the balancing

and also:
Give your sweat and your brain to the people paying you, and reward
their kindness and their support with a full effort. NEVER in here do I
mention cheating your employer or being in any way disingenuous with
their resources or time.

These two quotes, for me, sum up Chris and the rest of the piece is a must-read.

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