Day: September 13, 2006

  • How to Honor September 11th

    I read this on Britt’s blog: A September 12th Moment, Take Two There’s a lot of talk this week about the opportunity we had 5 years ago today to harness the world’s support into a golden age of cooperation and common sense to combat bankrupt policies and divisions to defeat terrorism.[Britt Blaser – Escapable Logic]…

  • ad

    This is a strong political ad. (Note, when you’re finished watching you’ll be directed to a page where they ask for you to support them in their drive to raise funds to run the ad on TV.)    

  • Amazon Movie Service not so friendly

    Instapundit Glenn Reynolds makes lots of sense in his article on TCS Daily regarding Amazon’s new UnBox video. Seems the thing ‘phones home’ all the time, and doesn’t really let you know that. That is a characteristic of spyware. But now, it looks like they’re dropping the ball. Amazon’s new UnBox video service turns out to…