Amazon Movie Service not so friendly

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds makes lots of sense in his article on TCS Daily regarding Amazon’s new UnBox video. Seems the thing ‘phones home’ all the time, and doesn’t really let you know that. That is a characteristic of spyware.

But now, it looks like they’re dropping the ball. Amazon’s new UnBox video service turns out to have some traits that are even more annoying than the impenetrable cellophane stickers they put on DVD cases…So, in summary, to be allowed the privilege of purchasing a video that I can’t burn to DVD and can’t watch on my iPod, I have to allow a program to hijack my start-up and force me to login to uninstall it? No way. Sorry, Amazon.

This isn’t the review I want to find when I go to look at a service. Contrast this with the new movie downloads from Apple. You can move them to an Ipod, at least, to take them with you. And, looks like with their new iTV you’ll be able to watch them on your TV. You can’t make your own DVD of this yet, Hollywood doesn’t have the stomach for it.

But, if it is useable, somewhat portable, and gets a little more content, I’d say we have a race here.