Dell Store to open down the street

It seems Dell has been watching the Apple Stores, and is opening its own retail outlets, both in Texas, and in Nyack at my local Palisades Mall. Palisades is supposedly the 2nd largest mall in America, and it does have a Skating Rink, merry-go-round and Ferris Wheel inside. It also has an Apple Store, so […]

We the people (are being watched…)

My old friend Mitch alerts me to another potential privacy problem. Of course, he could have called, but it might have been tapped… Surveillance society: Growing daily? by ZDNet‘s Mitch Ratcliffe — A bill being floated on Capitol Hill by Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R.—Wisconsin) would require Internet service providers to deliver logs of users’ […]

Good Customer Service…ongoing

I’ve had accounts with Fidelity for years. I had one set of stocks at SSB (no link) that I wanted to transfer out to save on fees charged. Well, the fine Citi/SSB folks charged me $95 for the privlege of taking my stock out and sending it electronically (which takes almost no time and costs almost zero […]

Evolution of Economics

Verna Alle Economic Theory free-fall – there are no good models of the knowledge economy. All our ideas are based on product and commodity If we create new ideas and share, all people come away enriched. We have an opportunity to reconcile economy with fabric of life. Drucker: The Corporation as we know it is […]

Meshforum – David Levinson

Transportation networks – networks (like railroads) can’t easily be reconfigured  – you can’t turn a rail station to an airport. We have fast, empty trains – we don’t think about empty trains when no one is there to use them. Bureaucracy runs trains regardless of who rides. Ocean travel – Containers=packet switched networks. Longshoreman shut down […]