Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

My article on Web 2.0 in the Enterprise should show up any day is up now on Optimize. Another good and intelligent article with similar points has has just shown up on Cnet News.com. I think Martin LaMonica and I are in agreement on many points. I hope he will find my article and we […]

Contact is king

The other night, I attended a great panel in NYC put on by the New Media group of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the Emmy people). There, Shelly Palmer, the author of the newly released book Television Disrupted stated that in the old web world, everyone said “Content is King.” With the […]

Sorceron pops up in the news

Always wondered what really brought down my old company, Sorceron. Now I know…from today’s NY Post: Hedge fund guru Lawrence Goldfarb – the man behind a $30 million plan to revive Murder Inc. mogul Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo’s record label – has a past nearly as scandal-prone as his new hip-hop counterpart… The stripper also claims Goldfarb convinced […]

2 Geeks, one a rock and roller

I got the chance to have lunch with one of my favorite podcasters, Michael Butler,aka the Rock and Roll Geek, and his lovely wife, Athina. Michael was, in person, the same guy he is on the podcast, talking rock, talking geek stuff, and generally being the kind of person you enjoy having a beer with. […]