Sorceron pops up in the news

Always wondered what really brought down my old company, Sorceron. Now I know…from today’s NY Post:

Hedge fund guru Lawrence Goldfarb – the man behind a $30 million plan to revive Murder Inc. mogul Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo’s record label – has a past nearly as scandal-prone as his new hip-hop counterpart… The stripper also claims Goldfarb convinced her to buy $25,000 worth of stock in a start-up called Sorceron, by promising she would make “10 times her investment.” But she claimed she never received cash or stock when she asked for it.  Goldfarb, who strenuously denied the allegation, said the stripper was merely trying to extort money from him. He eventually settled the case.

I noticed Larry would come by the office wearing a tee-shirt and jeans, looking like he had been out all night. Hmmm.