Month: June 2005

  • My Review of War of the Worlds

    So, late last evening, at the invitation of a friend who works for the Paramount family of companies, I attended a screening of War of the Worlds. So thanks, Parmount. Sorry I can’t give you a good review. Eh. One and a half stars. Half thumb up. Go if you want non-stop action with lots…

  • Testing tags again

    Seeing if tagging this blog post Howardgr, and making the category howardgr and putting in this mojo: howardgr will get Technorati to pay attention to it.

  • Flag Burning

    One item in the press I found interesting. At the Times online of the UK: “Countries that already outlaw burning the national flag include China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Cuba.” I’m just rereading this sentence over and over again. I’m not for Flag Burning. I’m also not for putting the US in the same…

  • Newsflash: Last iPod holdout caves in

    Hey there. I have officially arrived. I’ve joined the cult of the iPod. My cool ipod unit has the Tivo logo engraved on the back, since it was a Tivo Reward. Tivo rewards are what you get when you convince your friends to buy and subscribe to Tivo. 5 friends = ipod. Cool. If you’re a…

  • Flash- The Llama Song

    Flash » The Llama Song  at via 7805, the ITP students weblog. Really bizzare and fun. Of course, I have a thing for llamas. Not a good thing.