Newsflash: Last iPod holdout caves in

Hey there. I have officially arrived. I’ve joined the cult of the iPod. My cool ipod unit has the Tivo logo engraved on the back, since it was a Tivo Reward. Tivo rewards are what you get when you convince your friends to buy and subscribe to Tivo. 5 friends = ipod. Cool.

If you’re a friend, and you want to get Tivo let me know! I could use more rewards points!

Since I have an ipod AND a windows media player now, does that mean I go both ways?

Anyway, back to the iPod, I have figured out how to use it in a basic fashion. I still needed to look up how to change the volume – I didn’t instinctively know that you have to be looking at the song now playing and move your finger on the wheel. But I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve gotten a cool case, and applecare – the warranty that SHOULD HAVE COME WITH IT but didn’t.

Next on the list for items I wish I could afford….12” powerbook…oooh, ahhh.