Random Thought

I’m sorry Senator, I can’t recall

I’m off to Congress next Friday to testify about the programs we’re creating in my department on Business Continuity, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security. It should be interesting. It is quite an honor.
And, for the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the communist party.

Random Thought

Back to old yahoo

The new (beta) Yahoo kept exploding and crashing so I’m back to the old version. Thank god.

Random Thought

I hate the new Yahoo! messenger

The new messenger beta comes with Launchcast and games. Good for Yahoo revenue. Useless for me. Even if I remove these components, the window also has no ability to resize down from a good 1/6th of my desktop. WIth only 5 people online right now, I’m seeing enough room for 10 more to come on line as a big, blank white space taking up room on my desktop.


I’m currently hiding it below or to the side. This doesn’t accomplish what I use an IM client for – seeing who’s on line. If I have to keep moving the IM window to see who’s available and manually positioning it as people leave or enter the ‘online state’ it is useless. I’ve had trouble with GAIM and Trillian before, but Yahoo’s new messenger will drive me to try them again.

Random Thoughts

I’m over it

Aliza wonders what Trackback is…

 If someone ever
cares to explain what a TrackBack is – in
plain English – I’m all ears. Until then,
I’ve just wasted another few minutes
on my blog and said very little about anything.
Oh what joy it is to blog today. [via mediagirl: or who the hell is aliza sherman?]

Hey, fellow Silicon Alley Alum, when I post this, your website will note that I did, via a ping-like thingy called trackback. Your “trackback count” on type pad will show that someone has posted an entry and quoted your entry in it. Hope that’s close enough. A shout out to Wyoming 🙂

Random Thought

Dean-Land in Howard Ville

Enjoyed a quiet evening of tea and B-S-ing with Dean last night. I got the in-person report about BloggerCon, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thanks for stopping by.