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  Saturday, March 30, 2002

Wired: "Sen. Patrick Leahy says a controversial proposal to embed copy protection in electronics gear will not become law this year. Since Leahy is the powerful chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, his opposition instantly boosts the difficulty Hollywood studios will encounter in their attempts to enact sweeping copyright legislation."  [Scripting News]

Good news. Still, there's obviously a disconnect between what's going on in Washington, LA, NY and The Net (a place, undoubtedly.) I'm awaiting my copy of Small Pieces Loosely Joined so I can learn more about the Net's "placeness."

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I haven't opened the site for comments. Now is the time. Tell me what's up. Be nice.

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Howling Mad Over Hollings' Bill. Millions of people have networked their stereos, computers and television sets to take relaxation to a new level, but a proposed law could make those networks useless. By Brad King. [Wired News]

It's nice to know that our Senators have not ceased to regulate things which they do not understand in the slighest.

From David Weinberger's blog: From a posting by Peter Kaminski to a mailing list I'm on:

Here are some links [about the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act] I've collected. The first is a Declan McCullagh column that received wide weblog coverage, in which among other things he publishes a soon-to-be-felonious digital duplication program in its entirety:


If you don't get it - this basic program prints whatever you input, an exact copy. The entertainment industry, in some ways rightly so, is worried you can make copies of their content. But the difference between piracy and fair use is, in my opinion, your intent.

The guy mentioned in the Wired article that does a virtual-TIVO of TV content to play programs on his laptop has got it right. I like SnapStream - lets you do the same thing - watch on an IPAQ if you like!  Hello? $5 at RadioShack to cable one PC to a CD player's output and you get pretty good audio fidelity. Certainly good enough for MP3s. The equivalent for video isn't far away in sophistication or cost. If it can play on your TV, someone can record it.

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