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  Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The Doc Searls Weblog : Tuesday, March 27, 2002: "What if somebody yelled "fire" in a crowded conference and nobody left? That's what just happened. The fire alarm is going off right now, and .... well, finally, people are leaving. ... and now that the room is clear, the alarm is off."

Hello? Does no one watch the fucking news? People. The difference between life and death for some people in the WTC was whether they listened to the fire marshall or left.

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I don't want to 'out' him or anything, but Buzz doesn't get the outliner thing from Radio either. I understand how you use it to edit existing OPML files (I've had to edit some of the Radio configuration files today).

But how do I use it in my daily work?

On the Radio theme - I'm trying to get the Radio Community Server to work at work.  We need a way for folks to quickly and easily post info on resources they find, in categories. For example, all the counseling resources we know for 9-11 victims should be on the same page. Can we have lots of editors by category, instead of everyone with their own page? I'll find out soon. The other interesting thought - if I run Radio and RCS on a server and the server gets rebooted - how does Radio restart? Can you run it as an NT Service?

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Ok. Adam Curry and Dave Winer are talking about some Automatic Instant Outliner jazz. But when I click the link of Adam's coffee cup it doesn't work. What gives?
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Mike, I can relate to being a one-man IT Department. That is my daytime life these days.
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