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  Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Tonight we pray

We reflect. And we also must mourn.

15 Reported Killed in Suicide Bombing in Israeli Hotel: "NETANYA, Israel (AP) -- A suicide bomber blew himself up in a hotel dining room in this Israeli coastal resort on Wednesday as guests gathered for a Passover Seder, " [New York Times]

Passover is about remembering oppression, remembering an enemy who says one thing and does another, and about a people who know that they must overcome huge odds and obstacles to have freedom. Anyone who studies the middle east and does not understand this is missing out.

Each year we recite the evils that the Egyptians inflict on the Jews after inviting them in during an earlier, more open-minded generation. We remember how they grew to fear and hate the Jews and then to oppress them. We personalize this story - it happened not only in that generation, but it happens in all generations.  I am certainly not an expert on the Israel v. Palestinian conflict. But I know why many Jews won't roll over and accept  peace when so many around them bring war every day. Let us pray. 

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Hello, my name is Howard Greenstein. This is my first outline test. Looks like lots of people are doing it. And if everyone was jumping off the bridge...I guess this speaks for itself.
2:41:32 PM  comment [] Technology | Web radio's last stand: "Web radio's last stand A new ruling involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is set to wipe out independent online music stations"  - Salon catchs on. Now maybe more people will help Save Internet Radio.
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So Many Phones, So Little Need - Wired news reports on a dizzying array of phones with features even a technologist will be hard pressed to explain. Java? BREW? WAP? Color Browser? I know what these are. Tell me how having them on my phone helps me? Right now I have a sucky browser that can barely help me find movie times - calling 777-film is easier. Will any of these features make browsing on a telephone keypad a good experience? Speaking of good experiences, I wonder what Mark Hurst would say?
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I have no Ass

This is because I laughed it off last night watching "The Osbournes" on MTV. Forget the RealWorldSurvivorAmazingRaceCruiseShipEcoRoadruleBlahblahblah. The Osbournes is what reality TV should be about. Your average filthy rich rock star family. Check out the wife of the "Prince of Darkness," Mr. Black Sabbath himself, complaining that Pat Boone was such a great neighbor and she's unhappy he moved. The current neighbors, get this, "play their music too loud at all hours of the night" and Ozzy's kids can't get enough rest.

Ozzy's wife and kids are out at 2:15 am throwing bagels and a hock of ham over the fence/bushes to get their rich snotty neighbors to shut up. The neighbors just crank up their music and call the cops on Ozzy's gang! Here's the rock star being quiet, and the neighbors blasting...the irony is so over the top that it is painful. Cut to Ozzy sleeping through the blasting music and making it obvious that he and Pete Townshend can have a contest for "who" in Rock 'n Roll has the worst hearing. If this show is scripted, hire the writers to write everything on TV.  

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