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  Monday, March 25, 2002

Enjoying Radio 8, Finally.

I am enjoying my newly purchased Radio8 at home.  I didn't "get it" the last time I tried it, but this time I was determined and put my $39.95 on the table.  I admit I still haven't figured out the Radio Application outliner, and I want to since I love outliners. I was an early MORE user back in early Mac days. But the web interface for blogging is really easy. I figured out (with quick help from Lawrence) how to make it FTP to my server instead of Userland's and now I'm up and running. works! Good bye (after I get my stories out) to

I installed an eval copy of Radio on the laptop in the office in order to figure out if I want it for work. Then I thought of a fun (for geeks and news junkies) idea. I tried something that I thought should have worked - i went to the "local"  ( - based) News page, and used IE's "Subscribe" feature. I told it to synchronize the News page and links "1" link deep. If it worked, I have a bus-ride full of links to read, and more. The sync dialog showed for a while, then it was time to leave the office.

But none of the content except the "local" news page is on my laptop now. Doh! Probably should have said 2 deep. I used to know those settings cold when I was an IE team guy. Oh well.

I'll set it up for the morning before I'm ready to leave tomorrow and see what happens. If it gets both the news page and the links, hot damn, my own version of AvantGo plus plus.

Blogging in Times Square

As I mentioned above, I saved the local news page, but no links were there when I got on the bus on 5th avenue. But, a few folks have open wireless connections on the route between 5th and 8th on 47th st. I just turned my 802.11 card settings to "any" with no network name and found several. I quickly clicked some links to open in new browser windows, and now I have reading for the trip. I'm not naming names, but some of these companies are just plain stupid to have open access points in Times Square.  Let's just say that if you see stacks or wax you're in range.  One point I found that wasn't open was a "Joltage" access point. Doc blogged about Joltage today - they're supplying PC Forum's connectivity.

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