Lazy Web request: Which celebs are on Twitter, which politicians, musicians, etc? 2nd question: Why? What value are people getting from being there?  As a politician, are you seeing more donations or are your supporters getting better connect feelings? As a musician or entertainer are more people coming to your gigs? Are your messages spreading […]

Hey, Consume This! The Future of Online Advertising

Here I am at the “Future of Onlilne Advertising” conference, and here we are, 12 or 13 years after the first banner ads were placed. We’re up to at least Web 2.0, according to everyone around. It is my contention that in Web 2.0, companies would discover that talking to, and with, their customers would […]

Donna Bogatin’s Virtual Moving Day

Good bye ZDNet, hellow Insider Chatter. Donna Bogatin, long time Internet Industry veteran and, for the past year, ZDNet blogger, has launched Insider Chatter. We’ll see the same intelligence in covering marketing and media trends, but under her own banner. Subscribed. Donna is promising coverage from the Future Of Online Advertising conference tomorrow. See you […]