SMC Clubhouse brings Social Media Club people together

It’s been quite incredible living in the Social Media Clubhouse. Not quite unlike living in the “Real World” house or on a movie set. There are many interesting folks, always events going on and cameras to look at (or avoid.) Our SMC Clubhouse bus is quite the hit downtown taking people to the house in […]

Welcome new readers

I’ve recently taught at a class, been on a panel, and have more panels and classes coming in the next few weeks. So, I wanted to make sure there was something somewhat fresh here on the front page. If you’d like to read a few articles I’ve written, Business Development via Social Networks Use Live […]

Support the New York Twestival

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been asked to be an “ambassador” for the New York Twestival. I’m hoping to see you at the Twestival on Saturday, September 12th, at Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets are still only $20 for a limited time. Image via Wikipedia BUT, What’s a “Twestival” you ask? From the Global Twestival Site: […]