David Weinberger’s talk at Blogon2005

The wonderful David Weinberger gave a great keynote this morning. Contained below are really short notes to myself. They may not make total sense to you, but there are some nuggets of truth and beauty about blogging. Talk: Juicy fruit blog its shit 9:16am (David has railed on Juicy Fruit on his blog before). Wikipedia […]

Vote Rasiej in NYC Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the primary election in New York City. My friend and business associate Andrew Rasiej is running for Public Advocate. Why is Andrew my choice for candidate? How many candidates that you know have their own Blog and Video Blog and know how to use them? Now, wait, just because a candidate knows what […]

Steve T blogging

I’m really glad to see my old friend and fraternity brother Steve T. blogging. It is great when another intelligent voice gets added to the conversation in cyberspace/the blogosphere/the internet/whatever you care to call this. The virtual welcome mat is out. As you may see from this post, he picked a tough week to start […]