Vote Rasiej in NYC Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the primary election in New York City. My friend and business associate Andrew Rasiej is running for Public Advocate.
Why is Andrew my choice for candidate? How many candidates that you know have their own Blog and Video Blog and know how to use them?

Now, wait, just because a candidate knows what a blog is may not be a reason to vote for them. Sure.

But the fact that Andrew Rasiej, the candidate, knows what a blog is, what email is, what information technology is, and how to use them. He’s shown this for years in his businesses, and in the not-for-profit he started to help get internet access to schools in NYC. ( I was there, I helped wire the schools and advise the group.)

His experience helps ensure he’s someone who knows how to COMMMUNICATE with voters. How to ADVOCATE for them. And that’s the job he’s running for.

I’ve heard Andrew stump many times, and he stresses that information, and access to information, are critical in today’s society. Projects like community Wi-Fi help open access to that information to underserved communities. Info tech can help transform the old NYC economy into a newer engine. And it all helps the feedback loop that help citizens communicate with their government. He’s said many times that one person can’t solve the problems of 8 milliion New Yorkers, but 8 million New Yorkers connected can solve the problem of one city.

Andrew, good luck tomorrow. I no longer have an NYC address so I can’t vote for you, but I’ve been spreading the word.