News about co-founder and CEO Scott Heiferman said at last night’s NY New Technology Meetup, (for which Scott is the Organizer) today Meetup will receive  an investment from a “top 3” internet firm. No word on Google News or on Meetup’s Blog. I’m anxious to hear the news, and hopeful that it is great for Scott, […]

Userland – thanks for nothing

Userland software took down all the old weblogs – no notice. My is gone – including my tale of my experience on 9/11. An email asking for a fee or offering a download of the data would have been nice. No, I haven’t touched it for a while. Yes, I would have liked to […]

From the TNL Home office…

Tristan Louis, from the home office in New York, New York, with the (very intelligent and not-at-all-Dave-Letterman-like) Signs of a Bubble. Required reading for the intelligent, post-dot-com-bubble investor, job-seeker, trend watcher. Example: At the bottom of the list is the belief that the poster child for a particular bubble can do no wrong. This is […]