Buzz Off

This week, Google released its new Social aggregation service (I don’t think that it is a networking service) called Buzz. Jason Calacanis thinks Buzz just ate Facebook’s lunch. I disagree. Buzz requires connections with people through my personal Gmail account. Unlike Facebook, where I can “unfriend” anyone, and hide them when I don’t want to […]

User Generated Beverages – What Can we learn from DewMocracy?

In December I attended the reception* for the Mountain Dew Dewmocracy event, and learned how Mountain Dew was using its fans to help pick a new flavor (or several new flavors) of the beverage. Personally, I love the idea of asking your customers what they want from a product and giving it to them. It […]

J.D. Lasica on 21st Century Media Literacies with Howard Rheingold

I just found this wonderful interview that JD did with Howard Rheingold, from last summer. I’m posting it because my class should watch this video, and learn from two people who have been thinking about the subject for a very long time. Howard Rheingold on essential media literacies | Increas­ingly I think the dig­i­tal […]